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Enjoy the latest brand video from The POET Companies, a “backstage pass” to our marine shows, and a snippet of a corporate presentation of Circo Luci. These videos showcase portions of live productions and give unique looks backstage at the creative process of producing POET Theatricals’ productions. We hope that you enjoy the videos! Please use the tabs over the video to navigate to different videos. You can also use the expand icon in the lower right corner of the video to watch full screen.


The POET Companies’ brand video highlights what we think entertainment is, where we feel it is going in the future and what we think audiences expect.

Tomorrow’s customer wants to be immersed in entertainment, integrated in everything they see, taste and touch. The entertainment experience has grown beyond the stage.

Food has become an entertainment event, moving far beyond just the act of eating. It has become an experience. The dining experience has involved to include architecture, service and even the personality of the chef.

Mobile phones have become a new platform to consume new forms for entertainment, ranging from online games, social media, news consumption, even books.

Entertainment has moved from the traditional stage setting to become fused everything we see in daily life. Customers now expect to be thrilled with their experiences and competition for their attention has become fierce.


Take a look behind the scenes at the conception, producing and staging of POET Theatricals’ marine productions, including interviews with the cruise line’s director of entertainment Eric Bohus and executive producer Michael McPherson. Enjoy interviews with the performing cast of the musical theater, dance and circus productions from POET Theatricals’ marine division and learn about the creation and rehearsal process.

Michael discusses the concepts behind the three productions on board the vessel and the unique challenges of executing productions at home in theaters on land on a cruise vessel at sea.


Enjoy a montage of three of the award-winning theatrical circus productions from Circo Luci performed at sea. Theatrical cirque-style productions from POET Theatricals featured in this video are the productions of SOLSTICE, EQUINOX and ECLIPSE. These videos were recorded live in front of an audience on board while these productions were being performed at sea.

Productions from Circo Luci have won multiple travel industry awards including three Magellan Awards for best entertainment, a Global Traveler Award for best entertainment, and a Cruiser’s Choice Award for best entertainment.

Circo Luci productions feature intricate flying sequences and some of the most complex performer flying sequences performed at sea, both over the stage, above the audience, and around the theater. Acrobats and aerialists run down posts in the theater, fly out over the audience and perform taiko drumming over 30 feet in the air.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to learn more about how to infuse entertainment into your product, exciting and thrilling your customers.

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