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Theater and show production maintenance is one of the biggest challenges faced when producing entertainment for long-running live theatrical entertainment productions. Over time, repetitive cast and technical crew staffing rotations create an “experience drain” on the production and theater operations and is one of the most critical issues faced when maintaining the safety in the theater and the quality of the live show.

The POET Companies tackle these challenges head on and have developed proprietary software maintenance “modules” that can be customized for individual entertainment locations. Leveraging our experience and knowledge of the whole entertainment value chain from design all of the way through technical maintenance, we have created and implemented unique modules to ensure proper training, preparation, maintenance and safety of presenting a live entertainment production.

Some examples of POET Technical Services’ technical maintenance solutions include:

Inspection and Safety Tracking Programs. The POET Companies are leaders in development of entertainment software safety solutions. Our team creates and implements localized safety programs and then converts those requirements into the POET proprietary online safety inspection tracking and reporting web application.

Remote inventory tracking for entertainment systems. Remote inventory tracking is an add-on module of the POET online entertainment support web application. This simple inventory tracking solution is customizable for theater and show equipment and features real-time updates and notifications of low inventory levels.

Online knowledge bases. Another add-on module is the knowledge base module. This module interfaces directly with the inspection – defect reporting – ticketing system workflow to populate the online database with typical issues and repair protocols.


Artistic show production maintenance solution examples include:

Cloud-based performer rehearsal systems. The POET team has developed proprietary secure online video and audio libraries of show training materials. This has been extremely effective in cutting costs by creating opportunities for more thorough advance preparation by performance cast members for replacements, and reducing onsite staff workloads.

Cloud-based talent acquisition, auditioning and evaluation systems. Over the last 5 years, The POET Companies have built, refined and load tested an enterprise-level online auditioning application. This application enables worldwide reach for talent screening, online web based auditioning, collaborative online review and online rating.

The POET team has continued to embrace and develop cloud technology applications to streamline the entire entertainment production process, reducing costs, increasing safety and improving the overall entertainment experience. Using our tools, casting departments can be more effective and respond faster with less staffing and IT infrastructure. Technical department and theater managers spend less time performing routine tasks as those processes become automated, reducing labor expenses and increasing effectiveness. Safety inspection scheduling becomes process-based with immediate feedback and defect tracking notifications delivered directly to management, enforcing compliance and creating a structured approach to safety.

Our “modular” approach to ongoing maintenance and entertainment safety is flexible, allowing for implementation in the smallest of club venues or the largest of entertainment operations. Contact us today to learn more about affordable, cloud-based online entertainment safety, inspection tracking, and educational systems for your theater, performance space, showroom or custom entertainment venue.

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