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Enjoy a behind the scenes look of holiday cirque-style productions from POET Theatricals and Circo Luci filmed live on location around the world. These videos showcase portions of the live productions and give a unique insight into holiday entertainment produced by POET Theatricals. Please note that holiday productions from POET Theatricals are available for booking in the months of November and December only.

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After the success of Cirque Nutcracker with military audiences, the US Air Force invited Circo Luci back to Japanese airbases and requested a new holiday themed production. Cirque Noel was launched by POET Theatricals in 2005 and custom created for this tour.

The show is a fusion of cirque-style aerial performances, acrobatics, magic and dance woven into a contemporary joyous holiday theme, featuring a holiday pop soundtrack. Cirque Noel’s central character is a journeyman in the search of the ‘spirit’ of the holiday season. This character finds the true ‘spirit’ of the holidays in the finale, where all of the elements of the holidays combine to create the true ‘spirit’ of the season.

Cirque Noel® is a registered trademark (Registration Number 3401546) of The POET Companies. All Rights are Reserved.


Circo Luci produced its first holiday-themed theatrical cirque-style production, a Cirque Nutcracker for the U.S. Air Force in Japan in 2004. The show is a new-age twist on the traditional holiday classic, and thrilled military audiences across Japan with its premier tour of Kadena and Yokota Airbases, winning raves from Stars and Stripes. The show adds modern instruments, unique arrangements and mixes to the classic Nutcracker musical score, remixing the original soundtrack into a new classic for today’s audiences.

A Nutcracker Cirque is a modern cirque-style take on the Christmas classic, where new-age circus performance artistry is melded with the beauty and movement of ballet and modern dance. This fusion is choreographed to a contemporary take on the original Nutcracker musical score, breathing new life into the timeless beauty of the original holiday classic.

Nutcracker Cirque® is a registered trademark (Registration Number 3396719) of the POET Companies. All Rights are Reserved.

Are you interested in a holiday production for your audience, but don’t think our current holiday circus productions are a good fit for your demographic? POET Theatricals has designed several different holiday themed productions and concepts that are ready to be produced for various venue types and audiences. These concepts can incorporate existing orchestras and local performers into the production if desired. The POET Theatricals creative team can also work with you to custom-create holiday entertainment to your specifications.

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