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Enjoy the latest theatrical trailers from POET Theatricals filmed live on location around the world. These videos showcase portions of live productions and give a unique look at the dance productions produced by POET Theatricals. We hope that you enjoy the videos!

Please use the tabs over the video to navigate to different videos from REMIX, EDGE, MOMENTUM and VELOCITY. You can also use the expand icon in the lower right corner of the video to watch full screen.


REMIX premiered in 2009 onboard the Celebrity Equinox. By the end of its performance run onboard in late 2015, the show had been preformed over 400 times, been enjoyed by over half a million spectators, been extended three times and won multiple industry awards.

The live show is a journey into the revolving world of pop, and how pop culture fuses history, cultures, and music into something fresh. REMIX highlights the connections between current events and the past in a visual tapestry of motion and imagery.


EDGE premiered in 2010 onboard the Celebrity Eclipse and finished its multi-year performance run in 2015. The show was performed over 300 times onboard and thrilled over 400,000 spectators. In its 6 years at sea, EDGE has thrilled audience with its unusual blend of high-impact video imagery, music, aerial stunts, special effects and dance.

Backed by lighting, video and staging similar to some of the largest pop and rock & roll tours, EDGE is an exploration of some of the greatest sounds of our time expressed through a fusion of dance, pop, performance art, aerial artistry and breathtaking video imagery.


MOMENTUM premiered in 2012 onboard the Celebrity Reflection, and finished its performance run onboard the Celebrity Reflection in early 2016.

MOMENTUM is a fusion of music, dance and acrobatics used to break up the monotony of focusing on one single performance element for an entire theatrical production. A frenzied “bouncing” from content type to content type reinforces the central concept of the “action” and “reaction” of momentum.

With over 200 performances at sea, MOMENTUM has thrilled the press, the cruise industry and over 275,000 audience members with its modern dance, stunning video imagery, aerial and acrobatic performances, and pop soundtrack.


VELOCITY from POET Theatricals premiered in 2011 onboard the Celebrity Silhouette. Finishing its extended performance run in early 2016 with over 300 performances and enjoyed by more than 375,000 spectators, VELOCITY the live show was extended twice and has won industry “best entertainment” awards. The show has thrilled the press and cruise guests with its modern dance, spectacular aerial performances, stunning video imagery, and pop soundtrack.

VELOCITY the show is the best of the world of dance combined with cirque-style aerial performances. Matched with thrilling aerial performances designed by former Cirque du Soleil artists, dance and movement choreographers that have worked with other cutting edge pop artists (Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears) collaborated to create VELOCITY – a dance spectacle that leaves you gasping.

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