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Custom Infrastructure

Just as each venue, project or idea is different, the infrastructure needs to support that specific live entertainment concept is unique.

All infrastructure is expensive, especially custom-derived entertainment infrastructure. Due to the large expense in producing live entertainment and the large, costly infrastructure requirements, a typical approach is to scale back to the least common denominator (from a capital expenditure viewpoint). Unfortunately, this approach reduces the impact of an entertainment project as a whole.

A Different Approach To Entertainment

Long Term Investments

Flexible Intellectual Property

Economies of Scale

Software Infrastructure

The POET Companies have taken a different approach to scale back capital expenditure costs while scaling up infrastructure. Each entertainment project is still viewed as unique with custom infrastructure designed to maximize the impact of entertainment while minimizing expense. The POET Companies’ approach is to invest for the long-term in flexible infrastructure that adds value across all its current and future entertainment designs. In order to scale this type of process across shows and benefit from economies of scale, The POET Companies have designed a unique, flexible, controlling infrastructure that pulls all of the unique substructures of live entertainment productions into synchronized operations.

Flexibility and Cost Savings

This “flexibility and cost savings at scale” is achieved through long-term investments in consistently and repeatedly-used entertainment substructures, and leverages time across multiple productions. This extra “short term” expense to build something durable and flexible pays dividends in the long term, allowing for much-reduced production costs in future productions. A simple example is the creation of a motor system that will last 25 years (durable) and can be configured for several different applications (flexible). The motor cost for the first production is high, but has a zero cost for the future estimated 15 productions – or 6.25% of the total cost per production.

Savings are used to contribute to new infrastructure for the current and future productions, resulting increased production value of the production, and reduced capital expenditure for the client.

Infrastructure is not just limited to physical items such as a motor in the above example. The POET Companies also invests in digital and intellectual property infrastructure including cloud technologies for safety inspections, inventory tracking, employee training software, performer acquisition applications, music and video elements.

Flexible Intellectual Property

An example of flexible intellectual property investments that can be used across multiple productions are popular music show soundtracks. POET has invested in hours of originally recorded soundtracks with accompanying charts for familiar pop, musical theater and rock songs for shows using 3rd party audio content. All of this previously produced audio content can be combined in different ways and presented in different formats to create unique productions using pre-existing content.

Software Investments

Examples of software infrastructure investments that can scale across multiple productions include cloud casting and performance monitoring applications. Enterprise-level software application development in the performer acquisition area has dramatically reduced performer casting expense both on the office and managing talent side, as well as through eliminating the expense of on-location live audition casting. With over 15,000 registered talent and thousands of reviewed performer profiles, the cloud-based casting system also has the benefit of lightning-fast performer acquisition and worldwide reach. Custom application development that includes cloud-based services that monitor equipment performance, safety inspections and inventory levels, have lead to reduced slippage, better equipment performance, longer equipment life, increased inspection compliance and reduced repetitive workloads for production staff.

Being on the forefront of new, and more importantly, durable entertainment technology implementation enables The POET Companies to get maximum return on its entertainment investments.

Additional Benefits

With over 28 shows of customized infrastructure and over 20 years of investment in entertainment infrastructure, the POET Companies offers our clients the opportunity to benefit from 20 years of entertainment investment compounding into their production. Our clients can select shows in our existing library for their venues, further reducing their capital expense. Additionally, new custom live entertainment experiences can leverage the modular and flexible infrastructure from previous POET shows. This dramatically reduces implementation time as well as preproduction expense, versus a completely new custom production.

Our experience has shown that this level of depth in entertainment infrastructure design must start at the beginning of the creation process and run in tandem with the entertainment creation. For over 20 years, The POET Companies has been reinvesting in custom infrastructure, building our competitive advantage, and producing a new standard of live entertainment.

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