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In addition to its large library of pre-produced live entertainment content, The POET Companies can custom-create branded entertainment experiences for live entertainment venues. These custom-designed and produced branded live entertainment experiences can mirror and enhance current product branding to focus the overall message, improving the guest experience. The POET team can interface with your production team in several capacities, ranging from being a part of the initial creation process through full construction and installation participation.

POET custom-creates branded entertainment experiences for live entertainment venues.

Some creative services include:

Full Production Show Design

The POET Companies offer complete show design services from concept through execution of live entertainment show production including:

  • Show concept creation and storyboarding.
  • Artistic and show stage direction.
  • Choreography creation, instruction and show installation.
  • Soundtrack composition, recording, tracking, mastering, charts and arrangements.
  • Video and projected media content design, media server design and programming.
  • Aerial performance and aerial performance prop design.
  • Specialty act performance and performance prop design.
  • Acrobatic act and performance design.
  • Complete set design services, CAD design, 3D design and set rendering.
  • Theatrical costume rendering, design and production.
  • Stage prop rendering, design and production.

Entertainment Experience Design

Transforming unique spaces into entertainment venues through the use of performance and technology dramatically enhances guest experience and creates an immersive environment for the audience.
Some examples of entertainment experience design services provided by The POET Companies are:

  • Spectacle performances such as acrobatic bungee in unique locations throughout retail spaces and in non-traditional locations that act as attractions to draw guests to specific locations (casino floor, focused retail area or area of interest are examples).
  • Interactive video experiences designed to attract and retain audiences.
  • Modular entertainment designed to increase traffic in targeted locations (casino floors, venue entry areas, retail locations).
  • Cabaret dinner entertainment fused with food and beverage entertainment concepts.

Entertainment Experience Design is based on the venue architecture and the experiences we create are unique to the structure and shape of the venue itself.

Transitional Venue Design

The POET Companies team designs venue entertainment infrastructure to dramatically alter appearance for added entertainment value. Some examples for transitional venue design are:

  • Ceiling Projections that provided an unlimited array of projected imagery choices, reflecting the mood of the event, dinner or show.
  • Immersive 360-degree wall projections create story-telling opportunities or that can change depending on the event or venue programming.
  • Flexible hard-set décor elements that can change orientation depending on the event or venue programming.
  • Multi-use modular hard sets that can be reconfigured and used for a variety of different applications.
  • Mobile stages and sets featuring 360 degree entertainment staging and presentation.

These are just a few samples of The POET Companies team’s design expertise in live entertainment creation. By nature, each project, performance space, audience and creative solution is unique. We excel in creative live experience projects, and are constantly seeking new forms and styles of presentation to stay ahead of the changing audience tastes and expectations.

Are you interested in learning more about creative solutions from The POET Companies?
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