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Cloud Technology

The POET Companies are leaders in developing proprietary software for entertainment applications that enhance production quality and reduce costs during the original production process and during operations. We leverage the latest programming technologies to develop custom proprietary cloud applications for delivering client value and superior live entertainment productions.

In addition to our team of software engineers, the POET Companies have access to over 2500 application developers, system architects, and system integrators worldwide to build out custom solutions for operational “pain points”.

Some examples of proprietary entertainment specific software we have developed and how they help us produce better live entertainment are:

Cloud Casting

Over the last 5 years, POET’s full-time team of 7 software engineers, application developers and UI designers have built and refined an enterprise-level cloud auditioning application. This application enables worldwide talent screening, online auditioning, collaborative online review and online rating. The online evaluation platform currently has over 15,000 entertainers in its database and continues to grow exponentially as both performers and entertainment producers see the benefits of online casting and evaluation of talent. The POET virtual casting application is hosted on multiple server instances on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can support thousands of simultaneous users.

POET’s casting directors, creative personnel, and talent reviewers are located around the world, and this custom-developed application enables true global reach and review of potential hires and lightning-fast response time to client casting requests.

Cloud Training

Part of the POET show development process is focus on maintenance and re-casting of long-running live entertainment productions. Different live entertainment applications have very unique requirements in regard to rotations of cast members, putting unusual pressure on the casting and re-training process. It is critical that these requirements are planned for in the initial live show development process so that nothing is produced that cannot be supported by the venue during the operation portion of the live show performance run.

POET has developed secure online libraries of show training materials that have been created for rotating cast members, allowing better preparation, reduced rehearsal time, and a better-quality product at lower expense. This also creates opportunities for a more thorough advance preparation by performance cast members for emergency replacements, reducing onsite staff workloads.

Cloud Safety

Safety for the performers, staff and guests is our first priority.

With performer flying systems and live entertainment productions running worldwide, POET saw the need for a centralized, internet-based web application that would track and notify managers, safety and maintenance staff of current issues with the equipment use in the operations of the live performances. This would standardize the inspection and reporting process across productions worldwide, enabling easier crew rotations between the different productions, ultimately reducing cross-training requirements.

To tackle this challenge, the POET software engineering team developed a custom web-based safety inspection tracking system. The PTS web application enables operators in multiple locations to submit equipment inspection reports, with onsite supervisors, safety staff, and main office staff notified immediately with any defects found in the systems. Automation of this portion of the inspection process reduces email traffic, streamlines onsite inspection procedures, allows for speedier defect notifications, and reduces onsite workloads.

Cloud Inventory Tracking

As part of a multi-use software solution, POET bundled inventory-tracking systems with safety reporting software. This entertainment inventory tracking functionality is able to be fully customized per show location or per show if the live production is a touring show.

Some features of the inventory tracking add-on include low inventory notifications and continually updating inventory levels. This allows for planning restocking as well as reduced inventory slippage, resulting in significant savings in operations of the live production.

Cloud Knowledgebase

Staff rotations create a repeating knowledge drain during operations, requiring constant retraining and loss of operational experience with the outgoing staff member. This retraining effort and constant outflow of operational experience is very costly, impacts the quality of the production, and creates potential safety issues.

Entertainment technology systems have become more advanced with stage automation, computerized lighting and control, LED video, and media servers. The learning curve for new staff members is very steep. POET has implemented customized knowledge bases in show operations to alleviate the pressure on the staff member during the learning process and to build on the shared experiences of previous operations.

Cloud Ticketing System

Repair ticketing functionality is also included in the PTS “all-in-one” entertainment support web application. Repair tickets are directly attached and related to inspection reporting and knowledge base access, enabling collaborative remote troubleshooting, defect tracking, repair approvals and repair tracking. Knowledge gained by incidents requiring troubleshooting can be added to the knowledge base for the venue or show, continually adding to the library of information for on site operators and support staff.

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