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Enjoy the latest theatrical trailers and behind the scenes footage from Circo Luci recorded live on location around the world. These videos showcase portions of live productions and give unique looks backstage at the creative process of producing Circo Luci. We hope that you enjoy the videos!

Please use the tabs over the video to navigate to videos from different Circo Luci live productions. You can also use the expand icon in the lower right corner of the video to watch theatrical trailer full screen.


Circo Luci REFLECTION premiered in 2012, onboard the Celebrity Reflection. REFLECTION is the first show from Circo Luci to use a classic rock soundtrack creating a true “Rock Circus” and a non-original soundtrack.

During its performance run from 2012 to 2016 at sea, REFLECTION the Show won the both the Gold and the Silver Magellan Awards for entertainment from Travel Weekly, the 2015 “Best Entertainment” Award from Global Traveler Magazine and was hailed for its “eye-popping” acrobatics by the New York Times.

The show has been presented over 200 times onboard, entertained more than 275,000 spectators, and completed its multi-year engagement at sea in 2016.


ECLIPSE from Circo Luci premiered in 2010 onboard the Celebrity Eclipse. The show was constructed using cutting-edge production techniques. Some of these techniques include a sculpted set created via computer-controlled foam cutting machines directly from our 3-D set design and 3-D digital set mapping. This faux “rock” thematic stone temple set adds an epic scope of the production and spectacular visuals.

Enjoyed by over 400,000 spectators, the performance from run of Eclipse the show 2010 through 2015 featured over 300 enthusiastically received performances.


SILHOUETTE from Circo Luci premiered in 2011 onboard the Celebrity Silhouette. The show won the Silver Magellan Award for entertainment from Travel Weekly in 2012, was also voted one of the top 7 acts at sea by Frommers in that same year, and won the 2015 “Best Entertainment” Award from Global Traveler Magazine.

The show has performed over 300 times, thrilled more than 375,000 spectators, and was extended twice before finishing its performance run at sea in 2015.


Circo Luci’s EQUINOX premiered in 2009 onboard the Celebrity Equinox. Throughout its multi-year run at sea that finished in 2015, the show has won many awards and accolades from the press, including the UK Cruiser’s choice award from Cruise Critic and the “Best Entertainment” Award from Global Traveler Magazine. Winning a “Best Entertainment” award in its 7th year of an extended performance run is an example of the timelessness of cirque-style entertainment and Circo Luci’s audience appeal.

EQUINOX from Circo Luci has thrilled the press and over half a million cruise guests with its spectacular visual design, thrilling acrobatics and circus artistry in its 400 live performances at sea.


SOLSTICE® from Circo Luci premiered in 2008, onboard the Celebrity Solstice.

Over its 8 years at sea and over 500 performances, the show has thrilled the press and more than 650,000 cruise guests with its breath-taking aerial performances, spectacular sets and costuming, and original soundtrack. In its 8th year, the show won the prestigious “Best Entertainment” Award from Global Traveler Magazine.

After completion of its extended 8-year run in 2015, the show has been completely updated for performances in casinos, tents, convention centers, open spaces, retail venues and outdoor settings.


FORTUNA premiered in 2011 and represents the 11th original Circo Luci production. Building on the foundation of success of the original touring production of Circo Luci that began in 2003, the show continues to feature the colorful kaleidoscope of characters, aerialists, acrobats, circus artists and personalities wrapped in a story about the quest for luck.


Circo Luci, the show, premiered in 2003 and had toured the world ever since, thrilling audiences in theaters, casinos, outdoor venues and under the big top. The show is a theatrical cirque-style live performance combining physical comedy, circus performances, aerial performances, balancing cirque-style acts and acrobatics.

The original Circo Luci in 2003 launched a series of 12 different future Circo Luci productions: 2 holiday cirque-style productions (Cirque Nutcracker in 2004 and Cirque Noel in 2005), the Cirque on Ice® franchise (Glace: Cirque on Ice in 2005 and REVERIE: Cirque on Ice in 2009), Cirque Us in 2007, Solstice in 2008, Equinox in 2009, Eclipse in 2010, Fortuna and Silhouette in 2011, and Reflection in 2012.

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