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POET Theatricals, POET Theatricals Marine, and POET Events casts all talent for its productions through online auditioning portal, Calltime.com.

Calltime is a free service for entertainers that allows them to create an online profile of their talent in the form of resume, headshot, availability, demo video, and general information about their performance specializations. Additionally, if you have multiple specialties such as singing and comedy plus circus arts, you can post all three videos to your profile and keep everything in one place. On the producer and hiring side, we are able to view the materials remotely and even request customized online auditions for placement.

To learn more about Calltime for talent, please view the video above or visit the Calltime Talent Support Portal to learn more. Auditioning performers remotely via Calltime.com eliminates the need for in-person auditions for the majority of positions available for casting, saving both the producer and the performer time and money. We encourage you to view all of the support videos and to maintain a complete profile. (Note that POET casting directors screen out incomplete profiles so we will not even see your profile in our scans if it is not complete).

Designed by entertainment producers for entertainment producers, Calltime’s interface allows POET Theatricals’, POET Theatricals Marine’s and POET Events’ casting directors to evaluate and rate talent remotely. As producers, we use this interface exclusively to collaboratively rate and audition performance talent from around the world. POET casting directors then assign ratings to prospective talent and add to the casting rosters of potential shows or gala entertainment for which the talent might be a good fit. Customized auditions are sent to prospective talent, reviewed and commented on by all of our creative staff, and then approved for specific productions.

Through the use of the Calltime casting interface, we are able to screen and sort talent, keeping qualified performers on a shortlist for our future productions or for replacements for our currently ongoing shows. These notes are critical for us to remember your performance and for placing you in the correct production. The customized auditions performed for POET reflect the actual content in the shows and gives us the opportunity to see you performing the actual material in the live show.

POET has over 1,000 reviewed and rated talent in its roster on Calltime.com as well as thousands of completed custom auditions, enabling us to source replacements and cast shows worldwide with a touch of a button. We are able to search the professional database for skills that we need for a production, whether it be for a specific singer, dancer, unique circus act, or an acrobat. Calltime’s manual verification system enables us to specifically search professional working entertainers need for our productions. Calltime administrators individually rate and verify talent as either a “verified professional” or just a standard talent member. This is a huge timesaver for us as producers, as our casting directors do not need to wade through non-professional talent when seeking to hire someone.

You can see the video below from our side as producers how the system works on the hiring side of the entertainment equation. It is very helpful to see how your profile is perceived on the hiring side and we suggest that you visit the Calltime support portal for producers to see additional videos on what we see and how we can rate talent.

To be considered for casting in POET Theatricals, POET Events and POET Marine live entertainment productions, we highly recommend setting up a profile on www.calltime.com and keeping your profile and availability current.

Please note that we do not open any video links or attachments emailed to any of our casting addresses, nor do we retain any of this information on our servers.

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