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About POET Companies

Since 1996, the POET Companies have been creating, producing, and executing marketing and live entertainment concepts for some of the world’s largest brands.

Using custom productions and POET’s in-house brands, we have produced ground-breaking live entertainment and marketing in arenas, amphitheaters, theaters, casinos, ballrooms, custom-built structures, under the big top, on cruise vessels, and in clubs around the world. We have partnered with some of the world’s largest corporations in their product marketing efforts to launch cars, pharmaceuticals, software and more.

The six subsidiaries of the POET Companies and their key focus are:

POET Theatricals produces live theatrical entertainment for casinos, theaters, arenas, resorts, theme parks, retail spaces, and custom venues. Production services include live entertainment concept, construction, installation and operations. Live entertainment from POET Theatricals encompasses a large variety in live entertainment, from European cirque style theatrical circus performances from Circo Luci®, cirque-style live entertainment on ice from Cirque on Ice®, audience interactive circus performances from Cirque Us®, large-scale spectacle and special effects extravaganzas from Physical Magic®, and the best of Broadway and West End musical theater from Ghostlight® Theatricals.

POET Theatricals’ Marine division produces live entertainment for the cruise ship industry and is a leader in bringing the best of live entertainment on land to theaters on cruise ships. Live entertainment produced on cruise ships includes cirque style theatrical circuses from Circo Luci, illusion, dance and aerial shows from Physical Magic, and musical theater revue performances from Ghostlight Theatricals. POET Theatricals Marine has produced live entertainment for both one-off chartered cruise ship events, as well as multiple award-winning extended-run production shows onboard cruise ships seen by millions of spectators.

POET Events creates and executes live marketing experiences for corporations worldwide with a focus on product launches and immersive entertainment environments. The POET Events team partners with client marketing departments to ensure the same message is delivered across all marketing funnels, from digital, print, mobile and live outreach. Our range of services include full live event production, all the way down to just providing a unique specialized effect within a larger corporate event.

POET Technical Services (PTS) creates and executes technical solutions for the entertainment industry ranging from standard live entertainment production services (general rigging, lighting and staging), to specialized performer flying solutions, to unique web-based software solutions for the entertainment industry. Some examples of PTS projects and their scope are:

  • Performer flying motor rentals.
  • Entertainment construction services for cruise lines during the ship building process.
  • Performance safety, inspection, and inventory tracking services via the PTS SaaS application.
  • Full entertainment production services (rigging, lighting, video, staging and audio support)

POET Media creates, implements and operates digital marketing campaigns for companies seeking to increase and optimize online presence, optimize digital marketing to increase ranking in search engine results, digitally promote their company and products, and to attract more customers. POET Media uses the “review – optimize – promote” concept to focus its clients’ marketing message, optimize their digital presence, promote their “story” online, increase search engine ranking, convert more visitors into customers, and ultimately increase revenue.

POET Design conceives unique solutions to reach customers through live event outreach. Samples of this design work include live entertainment concepts for custom areas such as malls, temporary spaces, dinner theaters and dual-purposed structures. Our focus is on using the existing architecture of venues to create hybrid entertainment concepts featuring the live performance aspects (food, drink, song, dance, circus, illusion, figure skating) combine it with new media (video, projection, digital media) and fuse this with the architectural space. The goal is to create new entertainment attractions that move beyond the traditional “theater” versions of live entertainment.

With such a high level of key component level vertical integration, the POET Companies consistently deliver superior product with tighter product integration and faster time to market, while reducing both risk and expense for our clients. This focus delivers significant economic value for our clients, and positive return on marketing efforts.


Unique advantages for POET Clients.

Custom Infrastructure

With over 28 productions spread over the three entertainment brands,

Vertical Integration

Entertainment Design and Technology has gotten increasingly complex, allowing for

Cloud Technology

POET leverages the latest cloud technologies to develop custom proprietary



Specialized solutions for Live Entertainment.


POET can custom-create branded entertainment experiences…


Leveraging the POET Companies’ vertical, production solutions for marine…


Production maintenance is one of the toughest challenges faced…

Our Team Members

The Team Leads behind POET Companies


Michael McPherson
Executive Producer & Founder


Michele Morrison
Executive Producer


Sandy Pennino
Accounts and Logistics Manager

Luciano Angelini

Luciano Angelini
Design / Producer


Tim Sauerman
Technical Director


Dan Gibbs
Acrobatic Rigging

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